About us

Avetti Commerce is an international ecommerce software development corporation with offices in four countries. We have provided java ecommerce solutions since 2001 to many Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

A few years before this, Avetti filed patents on innovative email encryption technology and saw an application of it where it could be used to email credit cards securely from a website to a business owner. What was needed next was a shopping cart product that could be used with this to accept orders on the Internet.

Avetti Commerce is a scalable enterprise level java based, Multi Store, Ecommerce and Marketplace software and SaaS solution. We continue to innovate to bring new features to help your business sell more to the online global marketplace.

Our mission is to see your business succeed with our fast, powerful, and advanced solutions, which are customized to meet your needs. We believe whether a company is big, or small, ecommerce software should be easy to integrate without inconvenient problems affecting your consumers. We will be here for you when you need support, or additional training because when your company flourishes, ours does too.