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e-Commerce Features Overview

Avetti Commerce has a deep feature set that supports both multistore B2C and B2B ecommerce. If you are a retail or global enterprise, our omnichannel and multi country / language capability can let you roll out globally. In addition, we also support other types of stores such as Reward Points, Allowance, Employee, and, optionally, punch out catalogs.

We work well on the AWS cloud and / or deployed on your network.

100% of the source code is included with our SaaS and licensed editions and, via our documentation an training, your teams can extend the software or you can contract us to do as much as you need. We recommend you schedule a demo to learn more.

Modern Design

Responsive Design

Stunning Demo Store Included

Mobile and Tablet Ready

Advanced Search

Faceted Search with multiselect to find products faster

Search as you type

Search within Categories


Scalable to support millions of products

Clustered for high performance

Autoscaling adds power only when needed

Staging and Production

Publish to a cluster

Multi Everything including Stores, Languages and Currencies for Global Merchants

Powerful Omnichannel Retailing (ask for details)

Additional Catalog Options

Master Catalogs (optional)

Marketplaces (optional)

Shared Catalogs

ERP Integration

Easy ERP integration of products, prices, inventory, and orders via simple code modules that bring data to a local database(s)

Push data using Soap/XML web services to send any additional data to / from your ERP systems to the commerce database

Pull Data via URLs with XML output or Soap web service calls to your ERP system to show open orders and any other data from your ERP system on the shop

Built in CMS/OMS/PIM

Built in CMS with scheduling of content

Built in OMS to edit and manage orders

Product Information Management

Enterprise Level Pricing/Inventory

Enterprise Level Pricing by shopper group, offer code, date range, and via customer segments

Advanced Inventory Support

Customer Segments to specify content and prices per shopper

Shipping and Tax Integration

Shipping Integration via UPS, Fedex, Flat Rates, or via web services to your system

Support for 3rd party freight and customer supplied Fedex numbers

Rich Tax support to handle complex Euro tax rules

Marketing and Promotions

Item and shipping promotions, unlimited or limited use of coupons that can be specified or uploaded

Limit promotions only to apply on to specific countries or states via Geolocation

Viral Promotions via Facebook and Twitter

Powerful Geolocation

It lets you limit products per country / state

Item Filtering to limit products by shopper group, sub-store skin

Customer Segments based on the Geolocation of the shopper

Reward Points Stores

Rewards Points earned on a Main store can be spent on a Points store

Points can be specific per item, per amount spent, or per shopper group

Points earned can be displayed with products to encourage sales


High Performance – we have customers serving 700 pages per second

3 levels of caching: query caches, hibernate cache, and the Data Transfer Object cache

Solr support for high performance, optional Endeca support for even higher performance

Personalization of Products

Products support dynamically modified attributes such as size / color to select only SKUs available in inventory

Multiple Questions can be added to product pages and checkouts to provide additional data with products and orders

Strong support for personalization of products and complex configurable products


SEO support for simple URLs to pages without any parameter in the URL

Auto generation of SEO URLs, meta keywords, and meta descriptions

Automatic Creation of Sitemaps


Analytics and Reporting with 15 built in reports

Create additional reports using the Business Intelligence Reporting Tool

Integration to Google Analytics and Google Maps