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Marketplace Features

Master Catalog Warehouse (MCW)

The MCW is the main warehouse store which stores all the data from every single store together

Multi Store Capability

Set up multiple stores based on customer groups and/or suppliers in different countries

Multi Supplier Capability

Support for multiple suppliers to list against the same product, each having their own price


The Manager can see the orders of the users from his department

Product Catalog

Helps user to download the product profile instantly and they can save it as pdf file


Enhances the customer account page to allow customers to Re-Order from their previous orders

Comparison Basket

Helps a customer match products with products of similar properties but different values

Website Bulk

The purpose is to give super buyers, distributors, and wholesellers an option to order in bulk

We Buy

Create a product which will be saved, getting the details of the product created by the customer

Supplier Buy

All the suppliers in a marketplace can be divided into groups based on credits added in the system